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Drum and dance troupe from Ghana, West Africa

Motto: Be your brother's keeper

Aims and Objectives

  1. To promote, propagate and preserve Ghanaian culture in the form of drumming, dancing, singing and dance - drama.
  2. To raise funds through drumming and dance shows, programs and workshops to support the poor,sick, and needy in society.
  3. To curb teen prostitution and armed robbery at the youth level in order to prevent and protect the young generation from HIV/AIDS.
  4. To organise grand sales, trade fairs, and exhibitions to raise funds in support of our projects.

Membership Benefits

  1. Membership assistance
  2. Volunteer programs
  3. Free time touring, local/international
  4. Free dance shows

Membership / Enrollment

  1. Membership of the troupe shall be open to all, irrespective of sex, colour and religion.
  2. Recruitment age of members shall be the range from twelve (12) years
  3. Person willing to join the troupe are to pay an amount of $50 dollars and it will be renewed every year.
  4. If a member is expelled from the troupe he/she is not entitled to any benefit and all his contribution are not refundable.

Contact details

P.O. Box KT 243 Kotobabi
Accra - Ghana
Tel: +233244258223, +233277172029, +233277430555
Fax: +23321252810

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